Peggy Wallace

Peggy Wallace

Co-CEO and Managing Partner at Golden Seeds

Peggy Wallace was one of the first investors to join Golden Seeds in 2005. Her deep Wall St experience as a senior investment banker provided institutional quality capabilities in deal structuring, analysis of deal terms, and risk management. Peggy places high value on ethics in business, and she has helped build Golden Seeds’ reputation for high quality due diligence and professionalism. In 2007 she joined the management team as Portfolio Manager, and in that role she provides strategic advice to the core group of 18 portfolio companies and/or their Golden Seeds Board representatives. In 2008 she and Golden Seeds founder consolidated their partnership when they became General Partners of Golden Seeds’ first fund. She continues as a Managing Partner for Golden Seeds second fund, and is largely responsible for passing on her deep experience in deal structuring to many of the members within the organization. Peggy leads the negotiations for all M&A transactions and follow-on financings for Golden Seeds funds and the group. She also manages Golden Seeds’ quarterly and annual investor communications for its portfolio companies. Because of the sector diversity and geographic breadth of Golden Seeds, as well as her particular passion for following disruptive technologies, she remains very current on industry, economic, and global trends.

Peggy is well known in the industry, has been a member of industry advisory boards, and is sought after as a speaker at industry events across the country.

Peggy had begun investing in the private sector prior to joining Golden Seeds, but most of her prior career was in financial services. Her longest tenure was with J.P. Morgan/Chase where she specialized in structured finance, mortgage and asset backed securities, risk management, and financial services M&A. Peggy’s expertise was critical in numerous confidential financings in previous financial crises and she played a key role in gaining significant market share. Throughout her career Peggy worked with a wide range of clients ranging from small to large cap.

Peggy has invested in over 30 privately-held companies, either directly or through one of the Golden Seeds funds.

Peggy retains a board position with Chromis Fiberoptics, and gDiapers, both privately held companies. She holds a BA from The George Washington University.