Nicola Corzine

Nicola Corzine

Founding Executive Director  Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Nicola Corzine serves as the founding Executive Director of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, a non-profit that delivers world-class resources and mentoring to enable every entrepreneur across the globe to realize their maximum potential. As Executive Director, Nicola is responsible for strategic and operational leadership that drives research, programing, fundraising, and operations for the organization. Since launching in 2015, the Center has enabled over 30,000 entrepreneurs from 100 countries to receive quality education, resources and mentoring to propel their businesses and ensure global economic advancement. More that 51% of its community are female founders and 62% are minority entrepreneurs.

Nicola brings over 15 years of strategic business development and entrepreneurial thought leadership programming experience to the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, most recently in her role as Deal Manager for the Band of Angels, a position held since 2004 as well as Investment Partner in the 2009 Acorn fund which included investments in Practice Fusion, Niveus Medical, and Flywheel. During her time at the Band, she was as an early advisor to Startup America and led the development of the first national and regional Angel Capital Association conferences.

Prior to Band of Angels, Nicola was the founder and executive director of Financing Partners, an organization that delivered education to both entrepreneurs and investors to enable them to reach their mutual objectives. Before Band of Angels, she was part of three startup companies in the US and UK.

Nicola is a frequent speaker on angel investing, technology trends and seed financing at Universities including Stanford, Wharton and Duke, national conferences, including IEEE Women in Engineering, NVCA and Innovation Enterprise, and has served as a formation advisor to several regional and international angel groups and seed funds.