Founder & formulator of Synthesis Organics, an Australian company producing certified organic skin care, aromatherapy and wellbeing experiences. As CEO, Theme leads a dynamic team, responsible for the sustainable, ethical sourcing of raw ingredients globally, research + development, company lab and formulation, stringent certification, distribution, marketing and education.

Through her holistic, heart based approach, Theme works to evolve skin care from an external beauty concern to essential self-care and wellness for our whole being. She is elevating the skin care industry by driving a new paradigm that offers a system of products, experiences and education that optimizes greater physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. The products made by Synthesis Organics are thus only the beginning of Theme’s role in transformative skin care.

Theme brings to Synthesis Organics over 20 years of experience facilitating one-on-one treatments, leading workshops and retreats across four continents – Australia, Asia, North America and Europe in energy alchemy, aromatherapy, plant medicine, psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, yoga, and Self-actualisation. Her products are found in leading spas and wellness centers for whom she also creates signature blends, treatments, and entire spa concepts with her product line. Theme’s vision for her company is to make the world a healthier and happier place through industry and individual awareness that beauty radiates as a presence of being.

Theme’s life and business are driven by what she terms “the intelligence of the heart”, an awakened consciousness of action and intent based on universal laws and the unity of all living things. Through her true heart’s response to people and planet, Theme’s life mission is to enable others to their greatest possibility. Synthesis, in turn, embodies this ethos by acting as a healing presence in the world to assist in the transformation of the self, and thus the world which is a reflection of ourselves.