Women's Entrepreneurship Day
United Nations Delegates Dining Room New York City
#WEDO2022 In-Person / Virtual Summit
November 19th, 2022

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO)
and our international campaign #ChooseWomen

is a non-governmental volunteer organization
with a mission to economically
empower women and alleviate poverty worldwide

Great News!  

On November 19th, 2022 we will celebrate
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

We welcome YOU to join our amazing list of CEOs, Crypto/Web3 Community, Philanthropists, Family Offices, Business Leaders,  Women Entrepreneurs, Changemakers, Royal Families, C Suite Executives,  Impact Investors, Celebrities/Influencers, UN Dignitaries and Government Officials supporting our mission on this very special occasion!  

We will collaborate to create solutions in the fields of entrepreneurship, women empowerment, education, policy creation, and much more. Through this summit, we will find innovative ways to empower women in business. By elevating women financially, their communities, states, and countries will prosper. Not only will they prosper, but we will be creating the blueprint for eradicating poverty worldwide.

An image showing 5 of the speakers for the #WEDO2022 Livestream. The image links to the livestream when clicked on
Are you ready
to learn from the most influential people about making an IMPACTInvesting, Entrepreneurship, Web 3.0, Robotics,
and Psychedelics?

We are excited to share our #WEDO2022 agenda, celebrating the pivotal role women play in the impact of disruptive technologies and the rapid global adoption of blockchain technology, and Web 3.0. We will spotlight the positive impact this Community is having globally to advance economic freedom, dignity, and entrepreneurial advancements for WOMEN!

Who Should Join?

Are YOU passionate about making the world a better place for WOMEN?

If yes, we invite you to join this year’s #WEDO2022 Summit IN-PERSON or you can VIRTUALLY watch from the comfort of your own home! 

You will be inspired by wonderful speakers and experience a priceless networking opportunity to mingle with the most wonderful people in the world!

Your participation will bring awareness to the importance of economically empowering WOMEN globally, as well as taking action to support the following United Nations Six Sustainable Development Goals!

“Encouraging a Gender Lens-Women Entrepreneurs Get Their ‘Day'”

“Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY!”

“A day packed with girl power, practical advice, and a killer soundtrack!”


Virtual & In-Person Summit

November 19th, 2022

Speakers Include

Wendy Diamond
Founder / CEO Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization / ChooseWomen
Founder Animal Fair Media, Inc.
Founder LDP Ventures
Nicole Colwell
EVP, Chief Alliance Officer PraSaga/ Start Up Advisor
Lauren Young
Wealth Editor
World Work & Sustainability REUTERS
Dottie Herman
Chairwoman/Founder Douglas Elliman
Seth Ginns
Managing Partner and Head of Liquid Investments CoinFund

Indu Navar

Entrepreneur, Board Member of EverythingALS
Danielle Morris
AWS Global Social Impact- Global Public Health Lead
Lydia Chiu
Investor Blizzard Fund Vice President Ava Labs
Jen Soule
President Other World Computing
Yu Ping Chan
United Nations Senior Program Officer/ Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology

Laila Maidan

Investing Correspondent Business Insider
Wendy Fisher
Artist/Philanthropist/President Board of Trustees Guggenheim Foundation
Ali Hassan
Founding Partner Perceptive Capital & Board Member Kasper
Lele Pons
Influencer, NFT/Crypto Enthusiast (100 Million Followers)

Amanda Feilding

Founder/Director Beckley Foundation & Psychedelics Pioneer

Neeti Mehta Shukla

Co-Founder and Social Impact Officer, Automation Anywhere

David Song

Founder/CEO Rosie Labs

Hall Rockefeller

Founder Less than Half

Jamis Johnson

Founding Member/Chief Pleasing Officer Pleasr Dao & Managing Partner Perceptive Capital

Ginger Dhaliwal

Founder/CPO Upflex &

John Wu

President Ava Labs & Founder/CEO Sureview Capital / Sego

Beverly Johnson

Founder Beverly Johnson Enterprises/ Iconic SuperModel

Marta Belcher

Chair Filecoin Foundation & General Counsel & Head of Policy Protocol Labs

 Arti Finn

Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer  APDS

Bridgette R McCullough


Gary Weinstein

Head of Global Regulatory Relations for Electric Coin Company (Zcash)

Kristina Ayanian

Director of Client Experience NASDAQ & Miss Universe Armenia

Janice Bryant Howroyd

Founder / Chief Executive Officer The ActOne Group

Jennifer Sanasie

Television Host The Hash CoinDesk & Owner / Executive Producer Jennifer Sanasie Productions

Michelle Beyo

CEO/Founder Finavator

Shelley Taylor

Founder of trellyz and RefAid

Edward Mermelstein

Commissioner NYC Mayor’s Office for International Affairs

Egriselda Lopez

Ambassador, Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations

Our #WEDO2022 Partners

Everyone is Welcome!

Here are the impact projects your donations will help support!

We sincerely hope you will join us at the 2023 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization summit.

Rally your colleagues, family, and friends to celebrate this monumental movement in women’s history!


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“From the immediate success of WED, it’s clear that the GLOBAL MOVEMENT to empower women entrepreneurs, innovators, and job creators was WAITING TO BE ACTIVATED.”

– Forbes

Be a part of the WEDO movement to EMPOWER, SUPPORT & CELEBRATE women in business and uplift girls by attending Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!