We want to rally Institutions and Educators to the forefront of Women’s Entrepreneurship!

We would be honored to include you as one of our distinguished Education Partners!   Our mission is to partner with institutions dedicated to providing an outstanding education for today’s Global Citizens and the future generations of tomorrow.  When you join the WEDO Education Program, you join our worldwide initiatives to empower women in business: Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED), and our international digital campaign, #ChooseWOMEN!  We are excited to include you in our grassroots mission in alleviating poverty by empowering, celebrating and supporting women in business!

The following are ways that we hope our registered colleges or universities will make a difference on their campus and in their community:

1. Set up an event viewing on your campus of the United Nation’s WED Summit Livestream.

2. Promote and publicize the WEDO event through local media outlets and social media materials, with press and social media components.

3. Sign Up! “ChooseWomen Pledge of Talent, Time, or Treasure” by obtaining pledges from your college campus and fellow students.

4. Offer volunteer time in support of the WEDO event before and during the day of the event launch.

5. Set up a college chapter for WEDO on campus, where women entrepreneurs can connect, network, and continue to support each other before, during, and after the WED Summit.

6. Inspire and rally the active support of their college campus among both women and men and across business clubs and societies.

7. Foster relationships with local women and entrepreneurship groups to support the WED Summit in their community.

8. Take a leadership role in our #ChooseWomen, the digital campaign of WEDO in support of women-owned or women-led businesses on November 28th, 2018, held annually on the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

9. Unleash the global reach and power of their social media networks and contacts to support WEDO before, during, and after the event.

10. The chance to sponsor a student to Join the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Conference at the United Nations in New York City. This event features speakers, panels, and workshops on everything from micro-financing to the latest market research to new technologies. This is a great opportunity to engage your alumni to mentor, host and financially support a student from your institution who wants to participate.

11. Join and celebrate WEDO by registering your college or university! As we finalize the agenda, attendees, and create a select founding team for the WEDO Ambassador program of leaders around the world, we would need you to commit as soon as possible to support and promote WEDO on their campus until the event on November 19th.