The Social Media Campaign That Ignites

And Activates Consumers

To Support Women in Business Worldwide!



There is a gender gap in America. And it’s up to us not just to close that gap – but to shatter all

those glass ceilings that keep standing in every woman’s way. 


How do we end gender inequality for once, and for all?


We choose women. And we choose them loudly, and proudly. 


Choose to shop and support women-owned businesses. 


Choose to read books by women, the films they make, the concerts they sing at. 


Choose women to promote. To lead. To mentor


Choose to follow women’s feeds. And constantly share their voice.


Whoever we are, wherever we live, when we choose women, we don’t just add cracks to that glass

ceiling. We become a united power that can actually shatter it in our lifetimes. 

Join us in helping women everywhere take a step towards shattering every glass ceiling in their way. 


How can you help? Choose to support women-owned businesses today. Choose women authors to

read, women filmmakers to watch. Choose to follow women’s feeds, share their voices, share their

music, comedy, art, technology. Choose women as leaders.  


Because every time you choose one woman, you support all women, everywhere.



Show your support by using the #ChooseWOMEN hashtag on your social channels and

downloading our essential toolkit, which includes social assets, logos, posters, and more which you

can post to Instagram, Facebook, or even your storefront! With these materials you’re on your way

to join the movement. Show your support on December 1st, 2021 and EVERY DAY: #ChooseWOMEN