The Social Media Campaign That Ignites

And Activates Consumers

To Support Women in Business Worldwide! hopes to become the largest directory of women-owned and led businesses that support our mission of alleviating poverty by educating, empowering, celebrating, and supporting women in business worldwide! Utilizing our online global database of women-owned and led businesses, together we can help harness massive purchasing power in the name of supporting more women in business.

This platform is also an international social media campaign – using the hashtag #ChooseWOMEN – invites buyers to support women-owned businesses and causes worldwide!

The #ChooseWOMEN initiative gives consumers who log onto the shopping platform the chance to learn why it’s so important to empower women in business, the ability to shop at their favorite stores and the opportunity to give back! This database allows anyone, anywhere to find and support woman-owned businesses with their purchases.

Consumers, business, and partners all serve as beneficiaries of the #ChooseWOMEN campaign. Consumers have immediate access to brands all over the world, businesses are able to expand their consumer base and increase sales, and partners are afforded the opportunity to scale their own brands while sustaining a social-good initiative. Click, connect and contribute!

Promote #ChooseWOMEN through social media – tweet, post, and pin it using @womenseday and  #ChooseWOMEN!