World Ambassador Program

Exciting! We are honored to include you as our Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Ambassador! 

To nominate, to become our Ambassador, to create in your community our world-wide initiatives, to educate the world why it’s so important to empower women in business – Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), and our international digital campaign #ChooseWomen

By joining Women’s Entrepreneurship Day as an ambassador or recommending a possible ambassador, you will help bring awareness to the 250 million girls living in poverty globally that deserve to be given a chance in life, while inspiring and empowering women in business around the world.

“Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Is Everyday – Empower, Celebrate and Support Women In Business.”

-Wendy Diamond, Founder


Your Role as WED Global Ambassador:

Create, organize or co-organize the WED Summit in your community within the week of our official proclamation date November 19th.  

Be an Ambassador for WEDO & #ChooseWOMEN: Throughout the year and especially leading up to and on November 19th & 28th 2018. Ambassadors rally and convene Business Leaders, Government Officials and Civil Society to collaborate and find solutions in critical areas of entrepreneurship eco-systems, education and policy creation to empower women in business.

Be our Spokesperson, Rally the press! You represent our movement! Rally the media behind our initiatives with your WED promotional activity to enhance our visibility and movement! –


Be an Ambassador throughout the year and for WED November 19th & #ChooseWOMEN November 27th! Ambassadors rally their networks, local chambers of commerce and local media to raise awareness for our movement, encouraging everyone in their communities to support women-owned businesses. 

WED is about CREATING IMPACT. In order to spread the WED Mission globally, we need to implement our initiative and generate activity!

Gain support and partner with prominent stakeholders, policy makers, politicians, civil society, government, academia, business leaders & the media. Our movement accelerated and educates the world on the importance of why it’s pivotal to empower women in business globally. WEDO convenes Business Leaders, Change Makers, Government officials and Civil Society to collaborate and find solutions in critical areas of entrepreneurship ecosystems, education, and policy creation to empower women in business. 

Create partnerships, collaborate and enhance synergies with related policy and entrepreneurship groups, women’s groups and foundations, to support and attend WED events year-round. 

Create an advisory board of politicians, prominent business people and public figures — anyone who can help ambassadors create a larger impact to empower women!  We’re here to give you more information and support through this process.

Provide your Regional Ambassador with bi-annual briefs (December and June) as well as such other updates we may request. You are required to provide us a Yearly Impact Report in December. If there are any local elections or interesting survey statistics on women related issues released, we want to know about it!

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Build and maintain an active Social Media network. Create an Instagram account and use all country social media channels to rally support for WED! (Facebook and Twitter accounts are provided)

Remember: WEDO is a grassroots movement! We count on promising, committed, high profile and quality volunteers like you to achieve the empowerment and support of women in business throughout the world.

How do WEDO Global Ambassadors Benefit?

WED Ambassadors will raise awareness of their business endeavors, make valuable connections, gain access to a premier network of WED members and innovative thinkers and most importantly be a part of the greatest movement in history to Empower, Celebrate, Educate and Support women in business to alleviate poverty worldwide!

Click Here For Our Women´s Entrepreneurship Day Ambassador Nomination Form