2014 WED Pioneer Awards

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards 2014 Winners

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) Pioneer Awards recognizes and honors distinguished women who are leaders and innovators across multiple categories with inspiring accomplishments. We honor pioneers in the fields of Health, Education, Music, Business,Celebrity, Sports, Art, Fashion, Philanthropy, Beauty, Social Responsibility, Space/Science, Finance, Technology, and Environment/Animals. Each year we honor those selected on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) at the United Nations.

Education Pioneer Award


Mama Sarah Obama

Founder & CEO of The Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. She is also noted to be the stepmother of U.S. President Barack Obama’s father. Heartbroken by the sight of children without parents in her country, Sub-Saharan Africa, helplessly fighting off the AIDs epidemic in the last three decades. She tirelessly worked with community leaders to meet  the critical needs of these orphans. In doing so, Mama Sarah has turned her attention to these children by addressing education and welfare needs of orphans in Kogelo village and formed The Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. Her hard work has helped educate and direct attention towards  critical concerns that are still apparent in this world.

Business Pioneer Award

Lynn Tilton

Founder & CEO of Patriarch Partners. As the founder and CEO of Patriarch Partners her intentions are clear: bring together two concepts that often times aren’t agreeable, making money and making the world a better place, into one innovative opportunity. With notable previous experiences working at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, Tilton has started Patriarch Partners to replenish, re-strengthen, and re-innovate companies that have died and exhausted itself throughout the years. Her commitment to help create and save jobs have truly helped restore the confidence in many broken companies over the years and have demonstrated the outcome of economic sustainability.

Technology Pioneer Award

Sandy Lerner

Co-Founder of Cisco Systems and  Founder of Urban Decay. Not only is she the founder of two companies but she also is a Jane Austen scholar for two reasons: for writing the sequel to “Pride and Prejudice,” the “Second Impressions,” and for purchasing a 125-years lease to the Chawton House.  In addition, she owns an organic farm and tavern in Virginia and has founded the Women in Mathematical Sciences Initiative at Shenandoah University. After walking away from Cisco Systems, she used her compensated stock to create the Bosack/ Kruger Foundation and have donated to a multitude of charitable causes, focusing mainly on animal welfare and scientific research.

Social Responsibility Pioneer Award


Shannon Schuyler

Chief  Corporate Responsibility and Purpose Officer with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC US), and also serves as the President of the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. Schuyler is responsible for aligning and creating the Corporate Responsibility with PwC’s four key pillars – marketplace, people, community and environment. Her work at PwC has built positive social and environmental missions within the company walls and oversees PwC’s initiatives to practice sustainability through charitable contributions, external partnerships, and environmental stewardship. In addition, Schuyler is a board member of numerous charitable organizations including, The HistoryMakers Foundation, the National Environmental Education Foundation, PwC Charitable Foundation, and Leadership Greater Chicago.

Fashion Pioneer Award

Tamara Mellon

Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo and Creative Director & Founder of Tamara Mellon. Mellon exemplifies the definition of a fearless women entrepreneur representing women all across the world. Even after facing adversity in 2015 involving a bankruptcy, she has re-entered the fashion industry with her new shoe brand, “Tamara Mellon” in Los Angeles, California. Her endeavors to make a scene in the fashion industry has truly paid off and is becoming a new red-carpet favorite brand and has already been worn by famous celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Kylie Jenner, Solange and Cindy Crawford. Currently making her presence on her online store and pop-up store in located in California. Cindy Crawford is striving to make her pop-up become a  permanent store and expand her locations all around the west coast.

Philanthropy Pioneer Award

Loreen Arbus

President of Loreen Arbus Productions, Inc., The Loreen Arbus Foundation and The Goldenson-Arbus Foundation. She is the first woman in the United States to head programming for a national network and has done this more than one time. She has worked with both Showtime and Cable Health Network/Lifetime Television. Her presence in the entertainment industry is renown and has extensive experience on all spectrums of the entertainment business. She is a prominent advocator for women, girls, and people with disabilities. Her philanthropic interests have raised attention for social causes and created more reasons for people to be more socially conscious.

WED partnered with the Lalela Project

WED partnered with the Lalela Project founded by Andrea Kerzner! They provide educational arts for impoverished at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit. By linking arts education to academic achievement, social and emotional development and civic engagement, Lalela teaches at-risk students in South Africa, Northern Uganda and the Bronx, New York how to map and manifest their dreams and goals, launching the possibility of a different future for themselves and their communities. Lalela also offers specialized programs based on the needs of the communities they serve. Lalela has developed a signature art curriculum, called Heart Mapping. Using this method, an impoverished female student will create the beautiful piece of art customized for each Pioneer Award Winner!

Tao Porchon - Lalela ProjectLeona Lewis - Lalela Project

Kids Lalela Project 2Kids Lalela Project 1